Cov-etiquette: the please do’s and please dont's.

Wash those hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or disinfect them with hand sanitizer. L’Occitane products throughout the property will leave your hands clean and pleasantly scented.

Keep your germs to yourself! If you get a tickle in your throat or need to cough, reach for a tissue.

Avoid touching your face, it’s bad for your complexion anyway!

Always wear a face mask in public and in the shared spaces at Crossing Condotti.

No handshaking or hugging please! Afterall, 2020 was the year the elbow tap came into fashion.

Not to be antisocial but… Keep your social distance of one meter at all times.

Not feeling great? Rescheduling is a piece of cake with our flexible reservations.

Feeling unwell during your stay? Please protect those around you and do not leave your room, instead notify the Manager immediately.

Keep it fresh and breezy! Please open the windows to ventilate the room before you go out.

Welcome Back Cleanliness and Disinfection Protocols The A-Z of FYI’s Flexible Cancellation Policy