We focus on safety and sanitation so that you can focus on your well-deserved escape to Rome.

After a year full of unexpected challenges and struggle it seems like we may have a light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps not right away, but sooner or later the COVID-19 pandemic shall pass. In the mean time we want to offer our warmest thoughts to all those affected and a great big thank you and ‘BRAVI!’ to all the essential workers around the world, helping us all to make our way through this difficult time together.

In preparation for upcoming visitors to Crossing Condotti we have reshaped our regular housekeeping routines and created a disinfection procedure that takes squeaky-clean to a new level!

We want both our staff and our guests to feel at ease at and that is why we have invested in NASA air purification technology (no kidding!) and aerial surface disinfection apparatus and products.

Looking forward to welcome you in Rome very soon, please accept our best regards,

Alfio & Carlotta

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