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Historic art accompanies modern art
in creative harmony.

Beatrice Spadea Artist

Beatrice Spadea

Spadea is an extremely talented young artist, her works are mostly paintings and sculptures.

Frammenti is a series of resin masks made from shards and bits of old vinyl, screws, springs, books, magazines and tin cans together telling a story.

A Spadea mask in purple resin sits in the Chat & Relax area of our "boutique hotel".

Benedetta Mori Ubaldini

Amo riempire i grandi spazi di storie’ is how Ubaldini introduces her aesthetic. Rossana Orlandi discovered Ubaldini through her extraordinary wire netting installations. The creations are hand crafted by twisting and weaving the wire together to give a flowing effect.

In the Frattina room we have incorporated a series of Ubaldini’s fish sculptures that form a school and appear to swim up the wall.

Sergio Vanni Artist

Sergio Vanni

Vanni is an ironic artist who plays with words, language and visual poetry. Vanni’s pieces are miniature parodies of traditional art works, accompanied by a play on words designed to satirize the original reference piece.

Two of Vanni’s pieces hang in the corridor between the Frattina and Carozze rooms.

Hotel Crossing Condotti: Wetfloor Artwork


Culture and tradition are united in Wetfloor. The artist has a passion for travel and pursuit of a nomadic lifestyle constantly moving from one hotel to the next through the capital cities of the world.

The work entitled Nigredo (meaning work in black) is displayed in the Spagna room and represents the first of the three alchemical phases.

Wetfloor is made of acrylic on toweling with inserts of African raffia fabrics and epoxy resins.